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To buy a certificate for the trainer aptitude test, follow these steps:After filling out the form completely, click “CREATE CERTIFICATE.” If everything appears as it should in the free preview, you can purchase your previously created trainer aptitude test and download it as a PDF by clicking the “BUY CERTIFICATE” button. IHK Trainer Aptitude Test for sale

The aptitude test for the purchased trainer is NOT designated as a sample!

We suggest using white color copy paper (DIN A4, weight: 120 grams per m2) for printing, which can be found at any reputable stationery store. Paper should always be resistant to aging and free of wood.

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  • Current IHK certificate (reproduction based on current template) for the trainer aptitude test in Germany

In order for future trainers, masters, or candidates in additional training exams to deliver instruction in line with their professional credentials, the trainer aptitude test is intended for them.

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